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Motivation Monday – Do you need motivation?

Green 1024x1024We are back with Motivation Monday.  How has your week been.  I have had a pretty good week.  I really seem to be maintaining my weight without much issue.

I really do think it is important to find motivators and see what they are doing to lose their weight and keep it off.  I don’t think everyone will lose at the same rate, but I think sometimes just seeing and hearing others have success helps.  It doesn’t seem quite so impossible.

Take a look at some of these weight loss blogs and see what works for them.  Weight loss seems to be a lifetime effort and it definitely requires you to make lifetime… Read the rest of this blog entry...

Motivation Monday: Meditation and Weight Loss

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Does Meditation help with Weight Loss?  Meditation is about clearing the mind and calming yourself.  Do you eat sometimes when you’re not hungry?  Do you eat because you are over stressed?  When you think about it does it makes sense that calming your mind would help you to be more attuned to your hunger?

I have recently started meditating and I can see how this would be very beneficial to weight loss.  If you are more attuned to your body you are less likely to just stuff food into it.

I am going to see if meditating helps with my eating and exercising.  I want to find balance in all… Read the rest of this blog entry...

Motivation Monday – Yoga and Meditation are great for weight loss

Do you incorporate Yoga and Meditation into your quest to be healthy?  I have found that they can play an integral part in my healthy lifestyle.

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Yoga is such a great way to keep your body flexible and in great shape.  Meditation helps you to decrease stress.  Stress can really sabotage your health and your weight loss.

If you need some help with your weight loss take a look at the bloggers on my Weight Loss Blog Directory.


Here are some great motivators if you need help: