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Motivation Monday – Do you need motivation?

Green 1024x1024We are back with Motivation Monday.  How has your week been.  I have had a pretty good week.  I really seem to be maintaining my weight without much issue.

I really do think it is important to find motivators and see what they are doing to lose their weight and keep it off.  I don’t think everyone will lose at the same rate, but I think sometimes just seeing and hearing others have success helps.  It doesn’t seem quite so impossible.

Take a look at some of these weight loss blogs and see what works for them.  Weight loss seems to be a lifetime effort and it definitely requires you to make lifetime… Read the rest of this blog entry...

Motivation Monday: Vacation can be difficult

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I went to Washington DC last week.  It is hard to be on vacation and not try the different foods.  I really had a rough week.  I think I gained 3 pounds.  My biggest concern is that I am able to get back to my regular routine and my regular diet immediately.

Taking a holiday from a diet is fine if you can return to your healthy eating as soon as you return home.  I hope I can.  I have done so well for a while now and I would hate it if I allowed the vacation eating to derail all the progress I have made.

Today is Motivation Monday.  I am hoping that everyone who links… Read the rest of this blog entry...