Possible Firsts For This Year

This is a list of things that I just might do as firsts this year.  If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments.  I have to come up with 365 firsts, so I have to come up with lots more.  I need your help!!

  1. zip lining
  2. boxing lesson
  3. meditation
  4. playing in the rain
  5. marble tournament
  6. go to a park and pass out dog treats
  7. learn Calligraphy
  8. a day of people watching
  9. run up the stairs “Rocky style” at a building downtown
  10. go on a Scavenger hunt
  11. roller Skate
  12. have a picnic somewhere unusual
  13. have a water balloon fight
  14. have a pillow fight
  15. host a slumber party
  16. learn a magic trick
  17. play a board game that I haven’t played since I was a child
  18. fly a kite
  19. ride the “Green Machine” – (my son has one)
  20. eat finger foods all day
  21. wear my close backwards all day
  22. practice with a Yo-Yo
  23. go hiking
  24. host a classic movie marathon
  25. spend an evening star gazing
  26. attend a community play
  27. run an obstacle course
  28. insert messages in helium balloons with an email and see if anyone contacts me
  29. put on clown makeup
  30. make a Vision Board
  31. build a snowman
  32. have a snowball fight
  33. do a neighborhood cleanup
  34. try to laugh 400 times in one day and keep track
  35. build a model
  36. climb a tree
  37. have a makeover
  38. get a massage (can you believe I have never had one!)
  39. Dance on camera (I am horrible)
  40. Teach my old dog a new trick
  41. knit or crochet something
  42. host a theme party
  43. try out for a play
  44. make a bucket list
  45. dress up as a superhero
  46. spend a day going to garage sales (No, never done it!)
  47. go somewhere great to watch the sunset
  48. volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
  49. buy food for a homeless person
  50. write a letter to someone (actually write it on paper)
  51. spend a day at the Children’s Museum
  52. give a 100% tip to a waiter or waitress
  53. participate in Wil Wheaton’s International Tabletop Day on April 5th
  54. read a poetry collection
  55. go skiing
  56. ride the new roller coaster at King’s Island
  57. attend a football game at Notre Dame
  58. hit baseballs in a batting cage
  59. buy lottery tickets with a group of people
  60. celebrate St. Patrick’s day
  61. renew my vows
  62. sell something on EBay
  63. play broomball
  64. go canoeing
  65. attend a charity event
  66. go to work with my husband
  67. ride in a hot air balloon
  68. ride a segway
  69. learn Tai Chi
  70. do a boudoir photo shoot
  71. take a cooking class
  72. play paintball
  73. climb a rock wall
  74. learn to make soap
  75. do a ropes course
  76. try acupuncture
  77. bungee jump
  78. jump at SkyZone
  79. go to a beer fest
  80. take a pole dancing class
  81. go on a ghost tour
  82. kick a field goal
  83. learn sign language
  84. get a henna tattoo
  85. camp under the stars
  86. play bocce ball
  87. play lawn twister
  88. post a pic in my bathing suit (Women of any age should be proud of their bodies!)
  89. learn to shoot a gun
  90. attend BlogHer
  91. go to Bracken County, Kentucky (Where my dad’s family is from)
  92. Watch a “Harry Potter” movie ( I have never watched any of the movies or read any of the books)
  93. take a picture with a “mascot” or “character”
  94. take a picture with a “celebrity”
  95. celebrate my “half birthday” on April 8
  96. go through a corn maze
  97. wear a stripe of hair color for at least a day
  98. buy and use a Groupon coupon
  99. a girl’s day out at the Ikea store
  100. Do something on howtodothings.com
  101. take a Coursera class
  102. Pick apples at an apple orchard
  103. buy a hot dog at a street vendor
  104. start a “happiness project” or join a “happiness project” group
  105. attend a Native American Group
  106. take a belly dance class
  107. do karaoke
  108. fold 1000 Origami cranes
  109. be in a flash mob
  110. drive America’s Route 66
  111. ride an elephant
  112. drink a tropical drink out of a coconut
  113. shop in an ethnic grocery store
  114. complete random acts of kindness
  115. go to the skydeck @ the Sears Tower in Chicago
  116. Reach 5000 Twitter followers or 10,000 Google+ followers
  117. Do something from the How to of the Day Blog
  118. visit a museum I have never been to
  119. read a biography of someone I have never heard of
  120. Visit Earlham College to research my family (Quakers)
  121. Do Letterboxing
  122. Go to another religion’s church service
  123. Visit a covered bridge
  124. Make a Zen Garden
  125. Start a Love Lock bridge

4 thoughts on “Possible Firsts For This Year

  1. Satia

    I’m thinking of participating in the Tabletop Day too. It’s the day after my birthday so I’m thinking of just merging it all into a weekend long celebration.

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      Remind me when it gets closer. I have such a list of things to do and I don’t want to forget. I looked it up after you suggested it and it sounds like fun to be a part of group event like that.

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