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IKEA, College, Ghost Hunting, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge #229-234

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No blogging for over a week!  It was a week that I really needed a break.  I even took two days off from doing firsts.  I will add those days on at the end so I actually get 365 days in.  Sometimes you just need to do things your own way.

I have decided if there are more days this year that I can’t get in a first I will just add them on and not feel the least bit guilty about it.  This year is supposed to be about growth and mindfulness.  It isn’t about stressing to accomplish something each day.  It is about creating a great year.

So, now that I got that out of… Read the rest of this blog entry...

Visiting the Catacombs #225-228

cat1 772x1024I have always been interested in visiting the Catacombs in Paris.  When I visited Paris I was told it was illegal to enter the Catacombs.  Ahh!  I really wanted to see what they were like.

cat5 768x1024 cat4 772x1024 cat3 772x1024 cat2 772x1024

Well, I found out recently that they have catacomb tours in the city of Indianapolis.  I couldn’t wait to go on one of the tours.

The catacombs in Indianapolis are actually the 20,000 square foot basement of the Tomlinson building.  The… Read the rest of this blog entry...

Joining Happiness Happens Month #211


I signed up for Happiness Happens Month today.  I have been following the Secret Society of Happy People for a while now.  They have been trying to get people to sign up Happiness Happens Month.  I decided to sign up today.

For the month of August I will make a commitment to follow along with the calendar of events for Happiness Happens Month.

Some of the events include:

Walk barefoot in the grass and post a selfie.


Sing out Loud

Eat a fun breakfast

Do a Good Deed

Wave at 2 Strangers

It is just a list of small things that can add a little bit… Read the rest of this blog entry...