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Visiting the Catacombs #225-228

cat1 772x1024I have always been interested in visiting the Catacombs in Paris.  When I visited Paris I was told it was illegal to enter the Catacombs.  Ahh!  I really wanted to see what they were like.

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Well, I found out recently that they have catacomb tours in the city of Indianapolis.  I couldn’t wait to go on one of the tours.

The catacombs in Indianapolis are actually the 20,000 square foot basement of the Tomlinson building.  The… Read the rest of this blog entry...

A Day With My Son And Grandson At The Indianapolis Colts Training Camp #224

camp 01 1024x951I went to the Indianapolis Colts Training Camp with my son, the boy he babysits for, and my 11 year old grandson.

I have been to the Colts camp one other time for the scrimmage.  Today was just a practice.  It was a lot different than the scrimmage.  We got there and it started raining.  I had my raincoat and I had brought along 3 ponchos for the boys.  They were happy to get the ponchos.  It is hard to believe it is August.  The temps were pretty cool.

We spent a little over two hours watching practice and the boys were really excited about the chance to get autographs after the practice.  Since it was raining the… Read the rest of this blog entry...

Supermoons and Drinking Again #222 – 223

Prickly Pear 772x1024

Supermoon #222

Did you know the largest supermoon of the year was last night?  Supermoons can be up to 14 percent closer and 30 percent brighter than what we normally see during a full moon.  Last nights moon became full during the time that it was at it’s closest point to Earth making it outshine other supermoons.   I couldn’t get a good picture.  Too bad!

The next supermoon will be on September 9th.   Since my anniversary in on September 10th, my husband said he ordered it for my anniversary.  I think he is considering that my anniversary gift!  We’ll see about that!!  He still owes me a hot air balloon ride!

Drinking Again #223

Tonight was Margarita… Read the rest of this blog entry...