Joining Wil Wheaton, Games and Books #95/365

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Board Games

This is the second year of Wil Wheaton’s International Tabletop Day.  I wanted to participate and was going to get together with friends for an evening of games.  My son came home from college to do some catch up work this weekend.  He had some papers to get done.  I didn’t want to have people over to disturb him and I didn’t want to leave for the whole evening while he was home.

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I didn’t sign up for the event, but I dug out a board game and told my husband we were going to play.  I got out a game we played when my son was younger and it was an easy game that didn’t take long.  We played Aggravation.  My husband and I played a couple of games and then my son came in and asked if he could play.  We played one more game with him while he took a short break from his work.  It was really fun!  We haven’t played games together for a while.  When he was growing up we spent lots of time playing board games.

A Book Signing

I went to Barnes and Noble to hang out today.  You know that is my favorite hangout.  A cup of tea and a book are my idea of the perfect afternoon. Can you believe I had my first Starbuck’s drink just a few weeks ago.  Now, I absolutely love going in for a Chai Tea Latte with an add of Matcha powder.  It’s kind of an expensive habit.  I am hoping to give it up when the weather gets warm.  I have tea at home in the evening that I make myself, but I love the drink at Barnes and Noble.  I think I need to give up the calories too!!  I haven’t gained any weight back since I have been exercising so much.

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Today when I walked in there was a long table set up with a group of authors.  They were selling their book and doing a book signing.  Their book Hoosier Hoops and Hijinks”  is a collection of 16 mysteries set amongst Indiana Hardcourts.  I love reading books that are set locally and are by local authors.

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Five of the authors were sitting at a table and serving some sweet refreshments, which I passed up by the way.  I purchased a book and had them autograph it to my son.  We have collected autographed books over the years.  He loved going to book signings and author presentations when he was growing up and has a nice collection of books.  The authors signing today were Diana Catt, Andrea Smith, M.B. Dabney, Suzanne Lephart, and Terence Faherty.

I spent some time talking to them.  They are a part of a group called the Speed City Indiana Sisters in Crime.  The 16 short stories are each written by a different author. I asked the authors that were in attendance if I could take their picture and include them in my blog.  I explained to them about doing the “year of firsts.”  They invited me to attend their meetings. They have guest speakers at the meetings.  It sounds like a lot of fun and an opportunity for some firsts!!

When I get a chance to read the book I will write a review to let you know what I think about it.

This is the first time I have been to a book signing with multiple authors and the first time to sort of participate in the Wil Wheaton International Tabletop Day!

My NCAA bracket team lost tonight!  Dang!!

My Inspiration For Doing The Year of Firsts

As you may know I am doing a first every day this year.  I read the book I Dare me by Lu Ann Cahn. Lu Ann has a website and has published a book talking about her year of firsts.  I read the book and it motivated me to try a year of firsts.  Lu Ann is at and her blog has all her firsts.  She determined that a first could be something you hadn’t done in 10 years.  Here is my A Year of Firsts. Make sure to go see my guest post on Lu Ann’s blog and leave a comment. 



4 thoughts on “Joining Wil Wheaton, Games and Books #95/365

  1. Launna

    I used to play board games with my oldest daughter and we had so much fun… I have started playing games with my youngest this winter and I am loving that time with her.

    You are doing a wonderful job of inspiring people to do firsts Betty :)

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      I remember how much fun we used to have playing games. We played a few times a week. When he got to high school he had so many activities that there wasn’t time anymore. It was really fun when he asked to join us last night. I’m glad you are having fun with your daughter too!

      Thanks, I really think that doing firsts is great for everyone!

  2. Rebecca

    How fun!!! The only book I have autographed is The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, who is one of my favorite authors. I’m so happy I was able to meet him before he passed, but it was a very awkward experience. I learned through that meet & greet that meeting writers is not for me. I fall madly in love with the idea of who I think they are only to find them to be just like any of us. But still! I’m grateful for the opportunity.

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      My son has had some great experiences meeting authors. We met Meg Cabot, who wrote the Princess Diaries, once at our local library. She was one of the funniest and nicest people I have ever met. My son wasn’t so sure about going to see her since she wrote a girly book, even though he loved the movie. I convinced him it would still be good! He was probably about 9 or 10 at the time. He was so happy that he went. We met a Holocaust survivor at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC once and my son was majorly impressed with him. I don’t really recall any bad experiences.

      I understand what you are saying though. I have definitely met some celebrities that have been quite disappointing.


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