Growing Gratitude #94/365

There are some days that you feel so much gratitude for life.   I went to have my hair done this morning.  I go to an academy where they are learning to do hair and getting their license.   I have been going there for about 3 years now.  I really like the girls who are learning to do hair.  They are full of excitement about getting to do what they love.  The girl who did my hair today has been doing it for a few months now and I love her personality. Today was the last time she would be doing my hair.  She is finished in a couple of weeks and will be going out to find her first job as a stylist.

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We have been talking about my “year of firsts” when I go in.  Today, she was excited to hear what I had been doing.  Of course I was still excited about yesterday’s first, The Holocaust:  A First Hand Account.  I enjoyed telling her about that first and some of the others that have really touched my soul.  I mentioned gratitude journals and that some of my family and friends had started them and I had given them journals.  She seemed excited about the idea.  I had purchased 3 journals a couple of days ago and just happened to have one in my car.  I decided to go to my car and get a journal to give to her.  The picture is the journal I gave to her.  So now, I have given out 4 gratitude journals.  This was the first one that I have given to someone who wasn’t a close friend or a family member.  That is my first for today!

I have more journals, maybe I will come across someone that I can present with a journal.  I think this could be an ongoing project.  I will probably keep an eye out for pretty journals that are on clearance and keep a supply of them.  This could become my Growing Gratitude project.  This also works for my new project of becoming a Happiness Ambassador.  I like this idea!!

 My Inspiration For Doing The Year of Firsts

As you may know I am doing a first every day this year.  I read the book I Dare me by Lu Ann Cahn. Lu Ann has a website and has published a book talking about her year of firsts.  I read the book and it motivated me to try a year of firsts.  Lu Ann is at and her blog has all her firsts.  She determined that a first could be something you hadn’t done in 10 years.  Here is my A Year of Firsts. Make sure to go see my guest post on Lu Ann’s blog and leave a comment. 




10 thoughts on “Growing Gratitude #94/365

  1. Satia

    My hair stylist is going for certification where he works. He gives me a cut and then a week or two later I go in to the salon and some of the managers sit in judgment saying what works and what doesn’t about the cut. Sometimes it’s a choice he made that slightly changes the cut so that it it is more suited to my hair (thin and fine) or whether he angled his scissors enough or not. Regardless, it’s free although I always give a tip.

    I love that you gave your hairdresser a journal!

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      I think so too! If we can grow lots more gratitude this would be a better world to live in. I hope that I can do a small part in growing gratitude!!

  2. Launna

    This is such a lovely idea of handing out gratitude journals… what a way to spread joy. :)

    I have been writing in mine for 50 days, sometimes it is really hard to come up with something, other days it is much easier, I am going to keep writing in one :)

    I too go to a school… I have been going there for nearly 10 years, I have never had a bad hair cut… I have always been very happy with them and they don’t cost an arm and a leg :) Have a great weekend Betty

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      I hope I can afford to hand out a few journals. If I can find them when they clearance them at the book store I can afford to buy a few now and then. Since I don’t have a job I can’t buy too many. I have been writing in mine since I started it too.

      I like going to the school. I like that I don’t have to pay bunches too! I hope your weekend is superb!!

  3. Rebecca

    I’m gonna start calling you Oprah! Oprah sent me a gratitude journal years ago and I love it. I think it’s so sweet and special you gave the girl that did your hair a journal- so that’s your secret to great hair huh? You have the hungry and ambitious girls do it for you! I love that you subtly gave me your great hair secret.

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      I don’t mind being associated with Oprah! Now could you do something about getting me some of her money? Then I could really afford to do some great new things all the time.

      Sh!! Don’t tell my secret! Those girls aren’t afraid to try anything, they have several experienced instructors to help them if they have a problem.


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