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A First “Fail” #120/365

2014 04 30 20.35.58 1024x772

Is there something you tried to do as a child and then thought it would be easier when you tried it as an adult?  Was it easier?  Could you just pick it up and do it?

I could never do a yo-yo when I was a child.  I would try and try.  I thought if I flicked my wrist just right it would work.  When my sons were younger they picked one up and it seemed to me that it worked the first time they tried it.

I got a yo-yo from my son’s room and decided I was going to learn to make it work.  I watched a few YouTube videos and I… Read the rest of this blog entry...

New!!! Oprah Inspired Tea At Starbucks! #119/365

2014 04 29 15.50.42 768x1024

Oprah Chai Tea Latte

Starbuck’s debuted the New Oprah Chai Tea today!  I had to make a stop at my local Starbuck’s for a taste of the new brew.  I have been waiting for April 29th to see if the tea would meet up to the hoopla that surrounded it.

I had to go to Starbucks and not the Barnes & Noble Cafe, who is not carrying the Teavana tea.  They are staying with the Tazo Chai Tea, according to the barista there.

I asked the barista at the Starbuck’s what the opinion had been so far and they said most people are… Read the rest of this blog entry...

It’s National “Kiss Your Mate” Day #118/365

I didn’t know about National Kiss Your Mate Day.  I think it is a pretty good holiday.  I decided to celebrate it for a first today.

2014 04 28 20.56.10 2 777x1024

I think it’s important to kiss your mate everyday.  It’s nice to have one day to focus on just that.  We have Valentine’s Day to celebrate our love and our anniversaries, but just a day to kiss you mate is even better.  It doesn’t require gifts, although if my husband wants to buy me one I’ll take it!

Hmm??  What is the perfect gift for “Kiss Your Mate” day?  Now that I think about it maybe the man should buy the women a gift.  What… Read the rest of this blog entry...