The Unknown Road #89/365

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Here is another poem that I have written.  The road made me decide to try to write poetry again.

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Today’s first was a trip down an unknown road.  I was driving along and saw a road that I had never been down.  When I turned onto the road I saw the sign with all the curves and a 10 mph speed limit.  I thought “oh, this is going to be interesting!”

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The road just keep winding around as you can see by the signs.  Since it is still wintry looking it wasn’t a gorgeous drive.  I think I will drive it again this spring once the fields are planted and the trees and grass are turning green.  I think it will really be pretty then.  The trees will overhang the road in some places.  The road actually wound around and came back out to the main road.  So it was just a little detour in life!

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I spent time talking to people everywhere I went today.  The boy who works at the fast food place I stopped in was apologizing for my wait and I told him that I had plenty of time.  He was working a 10 hour shift.  He said that many customers like to yell at him because things don’t come out fast enough.  He said, “I don’t know why everyone is in such a hurry?”

I enjoyed talking with everyone.  The people in front of me in line had a large family, that’s what was taking a while for me to get waited on.  We discussed the beautiful weather we were having today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even better!  I think people are starting to feel like spring is coming.

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I talked to the lady in front of me at the grocery store line.  She was having a hard time with the girl who worked there.  The girl wasn’t taking time to listen to the customer and so the customer started to get frustrated.  She was actually very patient, the clerk just wasn’t listening and had no personal skills.  Her patience lasted, but I think she left the store with a bad experience.

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I hope you will take time to talk to the people around you and spend some time listening.

My Inspiration For Doing The Year of Firsts

As you may know I am doing a first every day this year.  I read the book I Dare me by Lu Ann Cahn. Lu Ann has a website and has published a book talking about her year of firsts.  I read the book and it motivated me to try a year of firsts.  Lu Ann is at and her blog has all her firsts.  She determined that a first could be something you hadn’t done in 10 years.  Here is my A Year of Firsts. Make sure to go see my guest post on Lu Ann’s blog and leave a comment. 


6 thoughts on “The Unknown Road #89/365

  1. Launna

    I think we should all stop, slow down and take a little time to really listen to each other… I think that is what we all want… just to be heard and know that we matter… great first again Betty :)

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      I agree! I want to spread happiness! I am trying to talk to and really listen to people. I want people to know that I really care about them. If I can make someone’s day a little better than I feel like I have really accomplished something.

  2. Chuck Vigneron

    “I have plenty of time” attitude seems the best way to pass through time.

    That’s not to say i like waiting, but it’s all small stuff.

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      Chuck, you are so right! I think people with that “plenty of time” attitude live longer so they really do have more time. I am like everyone else and I get impatient sometimes. I am trying to catch myself and realize, as you said, it’s small stuff. While I’m waiting it give me time to take in more things around me.

  3. Rebecca

    People can be so ugly toward other people, especially in the service industry. There is a meme somewhere floating on the internet that says something to the effect of “Watch how your date treats the server, that’s how he’ll treat you in 3 months.” It’s hard for me to stand by and watch someone treat someone else like crap. I’m glad you take the time to talk to people, sometimes people just need to be noticed and it changes their whole day! I live by the words “Always give a word or sign of salute when meeting or passing a stranger if in a lonely place.”

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      Rebecca I love that tip! It is so true! If someone is treating the server poorly they will treat you badly too. I don’t like to see anyone treated badly. I realize that the people in fast food and retail treat customers badly sometimes, usually because they have taken so much crap that they just can’t handle it anymore. I have had service people treating me rudely and if I say something like “you have been so busy, I bet you’ve had a really hard day” and the response I get is “oh you wouldn’t believe it” and I make a friend.

      You are such a sweet person!


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