Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone #90/365

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I am being doing some thinking about my “year of firsts.”  What it is really all about is stepping outside your comfort zone.  After a few steps outside your comfort zone you begin to notice something, your comfort zone is expanding!

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Meeting and talking to new people is a major comfort zone expander.  You stop worrying about what people are thinking about you and are just interested in finding out more about them, and in turn, about yourself.  When I meet “Jenny” at Barnes & Noble I was nervous approaching her, but once I made the first step it became so easy.  It was then all about finding out about her, and she was so interesting.

When I went to the Jewish “Shabbat”it was a little scary going into the synagogue and not knowing what to expect.  When I got inside and started talking to people it was fantastic!

Even that silly Arm Knit A Blanket In An Hour took me out of my comfort zone.  I won that challenge and expanded my comfort zone that day!

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Today, I met my friend and went to work out.  She is the one whose grandson is so interested in my “year of firsts“.  She had decided to do a “year of firsts” too.  She is starting hers on April 1.  Today I took her to the Starbuck’s in Barnes and Noble for a Chai Tea Latte.  Her first!  She also said it was a first to go out with a friend for afternoon tea.  She was excited about starting her firsts.

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One of my other friends started doing firsts a couple of week ago.  She is the friend who went to Sky Zone to jump with me.   She was also excited when I told her about my Gratitude Journal, so I bought her one.  She is recording her firsts in her Gratitude Journal.  My son wanted a Gratitude Journal too, so I got him one.

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This evening I took my dog for a walk and decided to walk to the country.  I walked past the town limits and walked into the country.  As I was walking past a cornfield I saw a high school boy hitting golf balls in the field.  I wanted to hit golf balls.  I really wanted to ask him if I could hit one.  I chickened out.  I didn’t want to freak him out that I was a crazy lady or something.

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I stopped and talked to him.  I asked him if he played golf for the high school team.  He told me he was practicing to try to get good enough to play.  He only started playing a couple of months ago.  He was a very nice young man.  I walked on down the road and found a creek. I took the dog and walked along the creek bed.

On the way back home I passed the young man again.  I really want to hit golf balls in the field!  I should have asked!  If he is there the next time I walk by I am going to ask.  Maybe I will put some golf balls in my pocket so I don’t have to use his.  My comfort zone needs to continue expanding!

My Inspiration For Doing The Year of Firsts

As you may know I am doing a first every day this year.  I read the book I Dare me by Lu Ann Cahn. Lu Ann has a website and has published a book talking about her year of firsts.  I read the book and it motivated me to try a year of firsts.  Lu Ann is at and her blog has all her firsts.  She determined that a first could be something you hadn’t done in 10 years.  Here is my A Year of Firsts. Make sure to go see my guest post on Lu Ann’s blog and leave a comment. 



12 thoughts on “Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone #90/365

  1. Launna

    It is not always easy to go outside your comfort zone but you are doing it… that is wonderful. I look forward to your firsts usually I read them early in the morning :) Have a great day girl… :)

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      Thanks Launna! I know you have done things to step out of your comfort zone this year too! You have made some real changes to your life and it really shows. I am glad you are enjoying my firsts. I feel such gratitude to you for being my friend and going through this year with me.

  2. Satia

    I love the idea of your carrying your own golf balls. That’s both optimistic (I’ll bet you do run into him again or someone else) and mindful (because you don’t want to splice someone else’s ball that they can’t then retrieve).

    I am having so much fun joining you on this journey vicariously.

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      I really wanted to hit the golf balls. My friend and I talked about going to a driving range, but I really want to hit golf balls in the field with that young man. I was so impressed that he was out there alone putting in the work to improve himself. He inspired me!! I really didn’t want to scare him away, or use up his golf balls. I am taking some with me and hoping to see him again.

      I am glad you are enjoying my crazy year. I am coming up with so many ideas for next year now. I think I want to have 365 days of strangers next year. I want to talk to someone new every day and write about them. Just an idea, but it keeps growing in my head.

      I love following your blog and your reading suggestions. I keep posting your book reviews to StumbleUpon.

  3. Maggie

    Hi Betty, I am new to your blog and enjoyed reading about your journey. You have a nice way of writing and like to the photographs too. I am a retired 66 year old woman who is absolutely loving becoming healthy. I too am a mother and a grandmother. I reside in Kentucky. I was on the Belly Fat Cure and just a few days ago, I bought Jorge Cruise book, The 100, and giving it a try. I have lost 16 lbs and then, the scales just stopped moving. I am on the right blog about people who are eating healthy the Jorge Cruise way through his many books? I have several questions about The 100. Even if I am not…..I think I would like to stay here anyway and follow your journal! Thanks so much and have a wonderful day! Maggie

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      Hi Maggie! Yes, I have followed The 100 diet and my husband has too. I did lose quickly and then slowed down. I kept losing and now I haven’t been following it as closely. I think I about where I want to stay. My husband has lost pretty consistently and he has about 7 more pounds to go. If you have questions please ask, I will do my best to answer anything I can.

      I have spent this year doing a “year of firsts”. I think it has really motivated me to be more active and keep off the weight loss. I am having fun and finding life so exciting.

      I hope I can help motivate you to get healthy!!

  4. Catherine

    Dear Betty, What an inspiring post. Thank you for coming by! This is a wonderful idea. I would love to step out of my comfort zone too and try new things. I will try to do new things even if they are small. I hope you do go out and play some golf in the field. It’s a relaxing thought. Many blessings to you. Stop again soon. -Catherine xo

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      Thanks Catherine! I loved your blog! I will be by again! I hope you find some firsts to do. Small firsts make big changes in your life!! They don’t need to be big. Small firsts tend to encourage you to try big things though, so watch out, you’ll be doing big firsts before you know it.

      I am going to that field!! I hope I can hit golf balls with the young man some day. He is an inspiration.

      Blessings to you too!

  5. Rebecca

    Yes! Love this post. A comfort zone is a zone, it has limits, and why live a limited life? As a kid my dad would tell me if I were nervous or apprehensive about something to just power through it and fake it because the confidence will follow later. He’s right- and when I get anxiety about something, I just pull the trigger. It’s scary no doubt, but it’s scarier to be scared. Go get those golf balls girl! Hit em as far as you want! I hope that boy is still there lol

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      Your dad sounds like a brilliant man! I like that he encouraged you that way. He helped you to develop a confidence that will get you through almost anything in life. I am going to hit gold balls!!

  6. Sandra

    I love how you are really sticking with this year of firsts! It is inspiring! So glad you stopped by! Thanks for sharing on the Four Seasons Blog Hop! Sandra from Scrumptilicious 4 You! I am Pinning this Now!


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