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Potter’s Bridge – A Covered Bridge #58/365

2014 02 27 13.17.341 959x1024

My First For Today!

What do you do on a freezing cold, beautifully clear day?  Why go outside and take pictures! I have always been a person who hates the cold.  This winter we have had so much of it.  I have been getting outside in it more and trying to learn how to enjoy the wonderful, crisp days.  Today it was 18 degrees when I chose to head out and find a first.

2014 02 27 13.25.57 1024x773

I knew there was an old covered bridge in a little park that was a few miles from home.  I met a friend for lunch and I… Read the rest of this blog entry...

Peel a Banana Like A Monkey! #57/365

I saw this on facebook and had to try it.  Do you know how to Peel a banana like a monkey?  I didn’t!  So, my first for today is to open a banana like a monkey.  This was so easy.

2014 02 26 17.13.20 772x1024


2014 02 26 17.13.14 1024x837


I have a busy evening.  A big birthday dinner for my oldest son’s ex-girlfriend.  So off to have fun!

My Inspiration For Doing The Year of Firsts

As you may know I am doing a first every day this year.  I read the book I Dare me by Lu Ann Cahn. Lu Ann has a