Should I Keep My New Hair Style?

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My New Hair Style

I went to get my hair cut on Friday.  The girl really messed it up.  I should have taken pictures but I didn’t.  I had to go back today and get it fixed, so they had to cut more off to get it fixed.  

The first 2 pictures were taken today.  The following pictures were taken over the last 8 weeks.  It seems my hair length changes a lot. My hair has been growing fast.  I regret that I didn’t get pictures before I had my hair cut fixed.  I cut some of it on Friday after my best friend and my husband agreed that it really looked bad.  It is hard to describe but it was really a mess.  

What do you think?  Should I keep it shorter like it is now or let it grow back out a little?

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2013 08 28+20.25.33
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42 thoughts on “Should I Keep My New Hair Style?

    1. Betty Taylor

      Thanks Becca! My husband isn’t so sure. I thought it made me look more stylish and edgy too! I may have to keep it this way for a while. At least until I get bored with it.

    1. Betty Taylor

      Thanks Lynda! I felt a little naked when I got up from the chair. It is growing on my though. It really feels pretty good now. I think it helps that my face is looking much thinner now too!

  1. Janine Huldie

    I usually am a long hair girl, but I do kind of like it shorter. Definitely a bit more stylish and just so becoming on you. But totally is your call and you have to love the way your hair looks (at least that is what I think!! ).

  2. Luka Beth

    I don’t know you and have never read your blog before–but the shorter cut is actually way more flattering to your facial structure than the longer hair. It is very up to date and youthful…and honestly, it makes you look younger.It’s actually very flattering. I would stick with the shorter cut! :)

    Sometimes, mistakes happen for a reason!

  3. Marc

    It’s hard to tell because your smile appears broader with the shorter cut. I think it’s the smile that is making the difference:)

    1. Betty Taylor

      You could be right Marc! I guess I feel lighter and more energetic. Maybe that is due to the weight loss, but it might be to just feeling different with the new look.

  4. Nicole

    I think the new cut looks great on you! It’s very flattering although I think you looked nice with your hair the other way to. But the new cut makes you look fresh and younger:)

  5. Brandy D

    I like the shorter length…. Just my opinion. Also you stopped by my blog yesterday and left a comment. I went to reply back to you and realized that you are a “” which basically means your email address is not connected to your blog. So no one can reply back to your comments.:( If you google this topic you should find plenty of tuturiols that will tell you how to fix the issue…. You had asked the question, what is my exercise routine? in your comment… I thought I would answer that real quick. Basically I try to walk about 3 miles a few times a week. I also have a spin bike at home and try to ride 4 times a week for about 45 mins at a time. Then in between that I just do random ab, arms, and butt exercises for toning. I really need more structure but right now I just have to fit things in when I can. I was going to a group fitness studio for “boot camp” style classes but do to some scheduling conflicts I had to cancel that membership :( I dream of one day being a runner but right now my knees are kind of in bad shape and I have to be very careful not to re-injure them. So thats it. Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Betty Taylor

      You know when I first started blogging I was getting email responses. I don’t know why it changed. Someone mentioned it recently and I thought I will have to get it figured out. I am moving my blog to self-hosted WordPress soon so I might just wait.

      You do exercise a lot. I hope you are able to run soon. I think it is too hard on my body now. I ran when I was younger.

  6. Grandma Kc

    I love love love it shorter! As for being a no-reply blogger — it is probably because you are on Google+ which makes no sense at all but I have the same problem. I don’t have a blogger account but I do have Google+. So far I haven’t found a way around it without giving up the Google+ account… Let me know if you do!

  7. Gwen

    I like it much better shorter on you! You look 10 years younger.

    Men can be funny about short hair on women though. Stupid sexists. ;)

  8. suhani

    Short is perfect!!! The third picture is nice compared to other pictures. There is no doubt that women in Shortcut Hairstyles are beautiful, confident.


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