I Gained 375 New Pinterest Followers in the Last 6 Weeks!!

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Why Pinterest?

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Do you want to increase traffic to your blog?  Have you heard that Pinterest is the fastest growing social media, especially in the U.S.?
Pinterest has 70 million users, with more than 70% of them from the U.S. 

Many bloggers will tell you that their top traffic driving blog channel is now Pinterest.  The main reason for this is you can Pin something and it can keep being repinned for months.  Each time it is repinned it is put in front of more people.  

Power Pinners

If a power pinner decides to Pin your post than you will be shocked at the views you will receive.  There is at least one power pinner that has 14 million followers. She is Joy Cho. You can be viewed by several thousand people in a very short period of time.  If you have a post pinned by someone who has 20,000 – 30,000 followers it can have a nice impact on your traffic.

My Pinterest Followers

I posted about my social media sites 6 weeks ago.  At that time I had increased my following very quickly, but I didn’t keep track of the actual increase.  When I posted Social Media – Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest I didn’t post the actual number of followers I had, I just rounded the numbers, but they were vry close to actual.  Go see my numbers from July 1 at the above link.  I am going to post the actual number today so I can track my growth from now on.  Right now, and I mean right now, my followers on Pinterest total 1,979.  I have increased as I am writing this.  

You also lose some because some people will follow you and then unfollow.  They are trying to get followers but really don’t want to follow you.  It doesn’t seem to be as bad as Pinterest, since they limit the number of people you follow to 110% more followers than follow you, after you follow 2,000 people.  Also, you have more influence if you are following way less people than follow you on social media.

I first started my Pinterest account about a 9 months ago. I was pinning things that I found interesting and lots of recipes. When I started blogging in late December 2012 I began pinning my family history blog posts to Pinterest.  I really wasn’t worried about increasing my followers until about April.  Up to that point I probably had about 150 followers.  

How I increased my Pinterest following!

I started by following anyone that had boards that interested me.  I thought that if I was interested in what they were pinning that they would also be interested in what I was pinning.  

I found this video on You Tube and these women were talking about using Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic.  They make a lot of good videos on blogging.  They video is a little long but there is some good information in it.

This got me to thinking.  Maybe I should get more followers.  It took me a little while to figure out how I should really go about it.  I

decided to start pinning things each day.  I read lots of blogs so I started pinning the content that I liked.  I found lots of recipes to pin.  I pinned DIY projects that looked interesting.  I also repinned other pins that I liked.  I tried to take a few minutes a couple of times a day and just pin things.  Beware!  It is addicting.  I pinned things that I liked.  I thought maybe if I liked them so would other people.

Follow lots of people!

I began following lots of new people every day.  I now follow over 5,000 people.  I went to bloggers that I thought had the kind of traffic that I wanted to attract and followed the people that had recently followed them.  I assumed if they had just followed someone that meant they were active and that would increase the chances of them following me.  If someone follows me I almost always follow them back!  Here is my link if you would like to follow me on Pinterest.  Betty Taylor (Losing My Gut).  I will follow you back!!

Join a Pinterest Linky!

I have just done this for about 2 weeks.  I am still learning here too!

You can get several new followers from a linky and it happens very quickly! 

I am excited about the new Linky that is starting September 3rd and will be every Tuesday.  This link doesn’t work but the one in the sidebar does.  Go check it out and see what I’m talking about!!


Something I haven’t done yet!

I have heard from other bloggers that you should interact with the people who repin your pins.  Just like on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media. 

I need to get my board more organized.  If you watch the video above they give you great ideas about organizing your boards so that you will get more traffic.

My other Social Media.

I am going to write about my other social media sites in another post.  I have Google+(wait until you see how many new followers I have since July 1st), Twitter (large increase here too!) Instagram, Sverve, StumbleUpon, and Facebook.  I have kept Facebook personal.  I still haven’t figured out how to create a fan page and keep the personal page and fan page separate   If you know all about this I would love to know more.  

I plan to give updates on my social media growth each month with any new tips I find that work.    I will be doing an initial post on Google+ and Twitter  to explain how I have started growing my followers.  They are also great ways to get more blog traffic.

42 thoughts on “I Gained 375 New Pinterest Followers in the Last 6 Weeks!!

  1. Launna

    I have all of these social media’s and I have a decent amount of followers… for me I know that I spend too much time on them at the moment and I have had to take a step back… Once I am moved, settled and probably maintaining my weight, I will have a little more time to look into the social media aspect :)

  2. strongnewme

    I had a Pinterest account briefly, but it is one of those super popular things that I just couldn’t get into! I ended up deleting my account. It is widely used, though, so it does seem like a great way to drive traffic and get yourself noticed.

    1. Betty Taylor

      Everyone likes different things so if you’re not into it then I guess it’s not for you. I really enjoy it. I can find new blogs and just go right down through and pick out the posts I want to read without searching through a blog.

  3. Michell Pulliam

    Great tips Betty! Kudos to you for the followers! I.must.do.better with my Pinterest account. I have definitely neglected it. :-( I’ll be sure to use all your advice. Thanks for sharing! :-)

    1. Betty Taylor

      It is hard to find time to keep up with everything. I can do most of the social media from my iPhone or Ipad. When I am waiting somewhere I can spend time socializing. That is where I do almost all of the social media. I do my blogging and commenting from my laptap.

  4. Melissa Swedoski

    So do you think it’s okay to follow more people than follow you? Just curious about that. But yes, Pinterest is quickly becoming THE driver to my blog. I had one pin get over 1100 repins, and found myself with a couple hundred more followers. Go figure.

    1. Betty Taylor

      You know I really don’t know if following more than are following you it that big of deal. You would have to ask someone with more knowledge than me. I just feel that gives me access to so much more information in my stream. Pinterest has been one of my largest traffic drivers lately too. Congrats on getting a popular pin. That is always fun!

  5. Cindi Thornton

    Thank you for the awesome tips! Pinterest is VERY addicting for me, but I had no clue about having well organized boards, or how to use it to increase numbers! And you have TONS of boards, I definitely need to work on mine, lol. I am following a bunch of your boards now, and am anxious to check out more of your posts!

    1. Betty Taylor

      I really need to take some time to do a better job of organizing and cleaning up some of my boards. Since I am busy building right now it will probably have to wait for awhile though. Thanks for following my boards, I will follow you back.

  6. menopausal mama

    Congrats on getting so many Pinterest fans. I have an account but rarely use it–I’m not very good with some of this stuff….not even sure how to add the blog thing on Pinterest….

    1. Betty Taylor

      I followed you on Pinterest. It really is pretty easy to use. I like how easy it is to look at the whole board and see things so easily. You can just pop in and out of websites that interest you. I hope you decide to try it a little more. It really seems to add pageviews to your blog.

  7. Rochelle Barlow

    I’m just now actually trying to get new followers. I’ve had it for a while but never tried to get followers, I just did. But then when I wanted to get them I had no idea what to do. Thanks for the help!

  8. Allie

    Thanks for this post. It was really helpful. I see a lot of traffic from pinterest I am just trying to figure out how to get more followers. Thanks again looking forward to your other post.

  9. Marion Shaw

    I think you’re a born saleswoman, Betty! Honestly! You really can learn the tricks of the trade so easily. I’m going to look into what you’re saying. Thanks for the info. :D

  10. Sande Sivani

    Terrific information for all Pinterest Followers!! The gang over at My Personal Accent, would like to invite you to link-up this informative post at our new Blog Strut Peacock Style Link Party. Share your creative ideas, recipes, and any other family friendly content . If you have a giveaway or contest you’d like to promote, feel free to post it on our giveaway page. Come on over and show us what you’ve got! http://www.mypersonalaccent.com/the-blog-strut-peacock-style-6/

  11. Joanne T Ferguson

    G’day! Understanding more about Pinterest has been on my list to do!
    Thank you for inspiring me to re-read your post and fingers crossed to what it can do!
    Cheers! Joanne
    Viewed as part of Dawn’s and Amber’s Blog Strut Party

  12. Joanne

    Hi Betty, I’m also visiting from the Blog Strut party. I like your post and the information you presented. Your post is written with very practical information that we may know works but we don’t always follow through. Now that I’ve read this I’m certainly going to work a little harder. Thanks so much for sharing such terrific information.

    Joanne/WineLady Cooks

  13. Linda @ Mixed Kreations

    Thanks for the great tips! I have been working on organizing my boards. I do need to pin more though. Social media takes up so much time and when you add the linky parties, I spend more time on internet then creating. (-; Thanks for the link to the video. Will have to watch it when I get home. Have a great day!

  14. Alli Smith

    Thanks for the informative tips! I’ve been on Pinterest for a while (before I started blogging)just having fun with it. But then when I noticed on Google Analytics that I get more visitors from Pinterest than all of my other social media combined, I sat up and took notice!

    Thanks for sharing on Throwback Thursday!

  15. Maria

    I am starting to work on getting more followers on PInterest and (hopefully) get more traffic from it.
    Regarding Facebook, setting a FB fan page is quite easy (even I can do it…). If you need help please let me know!

  16. Tina Yelle

    This is awesome Betty! Congrats on your Pinterest success! I must admit that I’ve personally noticed a decrease in Facebook traffic and a significant increase in Pinterest traffic. I would happily close my Facebook account if I didn’t require a presence on all social media platforms


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