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The New PINcentive Blog Hop Is Coming!!

Make sure to take a look at My Weight Loss Blog Directory!!! It’s almost time!  The new PINcentive Blog Hop is getting ready for take-off!  You really want to be here for this brand new concept.  Can you imagine having 31 pinners pinning your posts. Especially pinners who have a large number of Pinterest followers.Beginning, Tuesday, September 3rd, you will have the chance to link up with The PINcentive Blog Hop.  Just stop by and link up at  There will be three featured bloggers each week who will be selected to have their posts pinned 31 times.You could be one of them if you come and link up!!!9605126682 3e7249e7dd o

Feel the Magic!!

Make sure to take a look at My Weight Loss Blog Directory!!!


My magic powers!I have been bestowed with magic powers!  I bet you wonder how, all of a sudden, I got these powers, don’t you?  Well they were given to me by the ladies at Finish the Sentence Friday.  Our sentence for this week is  If I had a magic wand, the first thing I’d do is ………So now that I am all magical and everything, I have to come up with the first amazing thing that I would do.  They didn’t tell me if I could continue to use this magic or if they were going to grab it away from me after I used it

Should I Keep My New Hair Style?

Make sure to take a look at My Weight Loss Blog Directory!!! My New Hair StyleI went to get my hair cut on Friday.  The girl really messed it up.  I should have taken pictures but I didn’t.  I had to go back today and get it fixed, so they had to cut more off to get it fixed.  The first 2 pictures were taken today.  The following pictures were taken over the last 8 weeks.  It seems my hair length changes a lot. My hair has been growing fast.  I regret that I didn’t get pictures before I had my hair cut fixed.  I cut some of it on Friday after my best friend and my husband agreed that it really looked bad.  It is hard to describe but