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My Weigh – Travel Time: Where Would You Travel To?

Make sure to take a look at My Weight Loss Blog Directory!!! Where would you go?If money wasn’t an issue and you could visit anywhere in the United States, where would you go?  Anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Bald Eagles Homer Alaska USA

If you haven’t noticed I have a travel addiction.  I love going places.  Any place, really.  If I could go anywhere in the United States I would go to Alaska.  I have been around most of the United States.  I have never seen Alaska. 


I have been to Hawaii, or I would make that my choice.  

hawaii 90931 640

Where In The World Would I Go?This one is harder.  There are so many places I haven’t

Paleo/Primal/Low Carb Eating. Is it Expensive??

Make sure to take a look at My Weight Loss Blog Directory!!! Is eating Paleo/Primal/ Low Carb Expensive?I went shopping today to buy some ingredients for some of the Paleo recipes I have been seeing lately.  I want to make pizza, I told some readers that I would try it this week and fill them in on it.I decided to go to the health food store to shop today.  We have one called Earthfare that is not far from our house.  I have been buying some meats, fruits and vegetables and a few other things from there for a while.  I have written about Earthfare in the past.Well today I decided to shop for some of the non-wheat flours and something to make pizza with.  I was shopping for

Avoiding the Junk Foods When You’re Out With Friends!!!

Make sure to take a look at My Weight Loss Blog Directory!!! Resisting the temptation!

we got nachos    by riku8406 d5nctbd

The crowds, the smells, the noise.  Walking into the throngs of people, the first thing I noticed was the smells coming from the concession stands.   I thought how good everything would taste. 

We went on in to the seating area and took our seats.  My husband decided he needed something for his headache.  I told him I would return and buy some water.  I bought the water at the pizza vendor. They had pizza setting in view.  The smells were drifting up.  I got the bottle of water and returned to my seat.

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You see, I wasn’t hungry.  I