A Dad’s Letter To His Son – Very Emotional!

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A Dad’s Letter To His Son - 

My husband is a very sentimental person.  He has always been the kind of dad who hugs a lot.  My son is the same kind of guy.  He says I love you to me when he walks through a room.  Every time I get a text from him, he says I love you, Mom.

A few days ago, my husband wrote a letter to our son.  Our son graduated high school and will be leaving for college in less than two months.  My husband brought the letter to me and asked me to type it for him.  He wanted to frame it and give it to our son.

I typed it and helped him to frame it in a scrapbook frame and backed it with a scrapbooking paper.  We put the original in his handwriting in the back of the frame so our son would always have the letter in his dad’s handwriting.

Our son is out of town with friends for a few days.  My husband bought a body pillow with our son’s college logo on it.  He put the pillow our son’s bed and propped the frame up on it.  He wants him to find it and read it without anyone around.  Talk about a loving, caring father, he is one!



Here is the letter:

June 2013
Nothing I have ever done has given me more joy and rewards than being a father to you!  The day I found out you were going to be born was the happiest and scariest moment of my life.  Up to this point, I only worried about me and now I had to start thinking about you too.  As you know, I never knew my dad and now I had to be one.  No manual is given on how to raise a child, but I was going to do everything I could for you.  I think I have done almost everything possible for you, even to a fault at times, but I don’t believe I would change a thing.
I have always been tight with money, because I grew up without very much.  Adam, with you, I have never considered cutting back.  The wonderful thing is, you’ve never wanted very much.  I know at times I demand and expect a lot from you, but I only want you to be the best person you can.  I couldn’t love or care about anyone more than I do you!  You make me so very proud and grateful to God that he allowed me to be your “Dad”.  I think your mom is amazing and is one of the most patient persons I have ever known.   I worried about her being older and pregnant.  I hope you appreciate everything she has done for you – she loves you so very much!  After all these years, I know your mother feels the same way I do, you are a blessing to us.
I have always pushed you in sports, but I believe sports are a life lesson.  I have enjoyed watching your sports, sometimes I didn’t think you gave your best, but I was so proud of you!   In school, you have worked hard and you have been rewarded with all the honors at the end of high school.  Again, I’m so very proud of you in school.   I notice how you interact with your friends and what a great young man you are!
There are so many things I could write about you, but I just want you to never ever doubt how much joy you have given me.  You are a priority over all the demands that life throws at us, you are the most important investment I have ever made in my life.  I look forward to you moving on to college to find out where your life journey will lead.  Please don’t forget why you wanted to go to college and get the most out of it.  You can be the first person in my family to graduate from college.  Don’t worry your mom and I will support you as much as you need us to.  Please know everything you do is important to me.
In closing, I Love You, Adam, and I am so proud of the man you have become and being your Dad.  Go chase your dreams and never let anyone say you can’t achieve what you set your mind to.  Find your passion, keep looking and searching, never stop.  I am so excited for I.U. and whatever future endeavors you do, my son!
“I love you with all my heart!”
Where ever you are in life, you can come home.  I will be here as long as God allows me.  You will be my son forever!
Crying is a natural emotional response to feelings.  We all do it – you know me, one of the biggest of all time, especially now!

27 thoughts on “A Dad’s Letter To His Son – Very Emotional!

    1. Betty Taylor

      You know, I really think he will. I wanted to make sure the hand written copy was saved, as well. Maybe, someday he will write something similar to his son or daughter.

  1. J.R.Bowman

    That’s amazing. It’s a shame there aren’t more fathers like that in the world. I had a mentally challenged client whose father didn’t even tell him he loved him until he (the father) was on his deathbed. I hope your son knows how lucky he is.

  2. Katia

    How touching and thoughtful and it literally renders me speechless that a dad would come up with that. All of that. I can only echo the sentiments of everyone else commenting here and agree, you guys are all so lucky to have each other!

  3. Linda H

    Incredible! Crying is the only thing I could do reading this Betty! Thank you for sharing with us. What a wonderful post and what a wonderful and beautiful family! :)

    1. Betty Taylor

      Thanks Linda, my husband starts tearing up every time he reads it. My son was amazed by it. He came home and found it and he was almost in tears. He said, “I really like this.” I knew he would!

    1. Betty Taylor

      I really think so. I wanted to keep the original letter. In doing genealogy when I find something that is written in the person’s own hand it is very valuable to me. I hope someday great-grandchildren or beyond are reading it and treasuring it too!

  4. Hein

    it touchs MY HEART . i could not picture for that Letter! i can;t …………….. really can’t create in words !………….

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  6. Chittaranjan

    Your husband’s letter makes me so emotiional.

    My son is 18, has just completed school. I am torn between keeping him with me for college or sending him out to a jostel.

    I am also a hugging father and can’t get enough of my only child. In fact, i had decided against having a second child as I thought I could not bear to share my love for son Ojas with another child! So silly, so weird, but so real.

    The constant debate at home with my more practical wife is whether he should remain at home or go out to a differnt city. I am always dillydallying. God give more courage!

    1. Betty Taylor Post author

      Your son will eventually grow up, but he will always love and cherish you as his father. My son and his father have enjoyed their time together this summer and I think they are getting closer as adults now.


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