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Is Sugar Killing Us? Sweet Suicide!!!

Make sure to take a look at My Weight Loss Blog Directory!!!Is Sugar Killing Us?This 14 minute video talks about how sugar is killing us. Sugar affects in your brain are similar to Cocaine.  Sugar may be the most addictive substance that we have.  Sugar is contained in almost all processed foods.Sugar may be responsible for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and many other health issues today.Earlier generations got most of their sugar from fruits, the fruits had fiber which slowed down the effects on our bodies.


Sugar:  Our Reward FoodWe treat ourselves and our children with sugar.  Cookies, birthday cakes, ice cream and other desserts are given to our families as rewards or for celebrations.  Are we overindulging in the foods that are making

The New Science of Skinny!!

Make sure to take a look at My Weight Loss Blog Directory!!!The New Science of Skinny!I am using the book The 100 written by Jorge Cruise to diet.  I have read the book by Gary Taubes, Good Calories, Bad Calories and I have found many things in the two books that make sense to me.  Watch this short video and listen to them talk about the new science on skinny.  If these men are right we have been told by the health and food industries to eat the wrong foods.I have not been able to follow his menu plans exactly as he has laid out, but I have been able to eat most of the foods on each days plan.  I haven’t been hungry and I am losing weight.  The

My Lose Weight Quickly Update and My Best 4th!

Make sure to take a look at My Weight Loss Blog Directory!!!Lose Weight Quickly!My daily adventures with THE 100 diet is coming along pretty well.  I started the morning with Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Sausage.  My son and I went out of town today so I had to make a quick McDonald’s stop today.  I got a Quarter Pounder with Cheese  and removed the bun.  By the time we got to stop I was really hungry.  When we returned home, my dinner was a veggie only salad and a chicken breast.  I cheated and looked at the scale this morning.  I am making progress!  Yeah!!!  This morning after 2 days on the diet, I was down 2.5 pounds.  Hopefully by the time I do a weigh-in next Tuesday I will