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A – Z Challenge Last Day – ZZZzzzz!!!

Are you getting enough sleep?  I know ZZZzzz isn’t a real word, but I decided to use it anyway.  This is my blog.  I do what I want!


Did you know that if you don’t get enough sleep it affects your weight loss?  It seems like if you are up moving around longer, you would lose more weight.  The problem is you get tireder, and tired people reach for comfort foods.  You are also tired so you don’t want to cook.  And you don’t feel like exercising.  Our bodies need to recuperate to work properly.  If you don’t get enough sleep you can’t handle stress as well.  Stress likes food.  That is not good for your health.  You will also have a hard time being

The Rain Keeps Falling ?? & Weekly Weigh-In

This is one of the worst weeks I have had for a long time.  It just seemed like I couldn’t get anything going.  I have all those baseball games where I have to get the boys feed.  Due to all the rain we have had 10 varsity games rescheduled. They change the schedule every day trying to get all the games in.  And that isn’t even including the junior varsity.  I get food ready and right at game time there is a rain out.

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Then I had so much time running to the hospital, and eating out.  My mother-in-law has been in the hospital for over two weeks now. The hospital is an hour from home, so it takes two hours without any time at

A – Z Blogging Challenge – Yoga, My Experience With It!

I love the thought of Yoga.  I read about the healthy benefits of it. Yoga has been practiced for over 5000 years.  Yoga is practiced daily in the United States by millions of people.  I have been to one Yoga class in my life.Yoga is about stretching and breathing.  Sometimes meditation is included.  I always thought Yoga was about relaxation and reaching a total state of calm.


My friend and I were all excited about our gym offering a yoga class, and we heard the instructor was very experienced and had been teaching in the area for many years.  We had been taking Pilates classes for some time and really enjoyed it.  We felt like they would be similar classes.