National Hot Fudge Sundae Day and Owl Painting #205-206

Sundae Owl 1024x520

Watching The Carbonara Effect With My Son #205

My son and I watched the show The Carbonara Effect.  Michael Carbonaro, an experienced magician, performs illusions and magic tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations.  The show is so funny.  He convinces people of some of the most outlandish things.

One prank was at a car wash.  He supposedly locked a woman’s keys in her car.  He told her there was a clap that was set up for all vehicles that would open them.  She needed to get on one side of the car and he got on the other and they had to clap a specific rhythm for the vehicle.  She learned the rhythm and… Read the rest of this blog entry...

An Incredible Day With The Orangutans #204

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My daughter received an invitation to spend a day at the zoo.  She and her family would be taken behind the scenes and have some great experiences.  She asked me to go along.  My daughter, my two grandsons, and I went.

dolphin 768x1024

dolphin 2 772x1024 dolphin3 806x1024

We started the morning by arriving at the Indianapolis Zoo and being met by the zoo representatives.  Our group had a total of eight people.  We started at the Dolphin Exhibit.  They took us behind the main pool to the pools were the… Read the rest of this blog entry...

My $8.74 Dress #203

dressy 577x1024

My friend and I went shopping today.  I found a store the other day that has been having a 75%  Sale.  I have bought several skirts and frillier tops.  Since I have lost my weight I think I need to dress a little nicer and more feminine.  I am actually enjoying shopping and trying on clothes.  I like the way most things look on me.  I haven’t felt that way in quite a few years now.

This winter I started buying size 4 jeans and I really enjoyed dressing those up.  After I bought my first maxi skirt I realized I enjoy dressing like a girl.  There are a few things that I still would like to improve… Read the rest of this blog entry...